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“Don’t Eat Sea Turtle” Campaign

WiLDCOAST believes that consumers throughout Mexico, Central America and  in the U.S. can help sea turtles survive.  Using local, national and international media, we have built well-targeted campaigns to reduce consumer demand for sea turtle meat, starting in 2001. In 2005 we included sea turtle eggs. High-profile national exposure has also resulted in increased enforcement of sea turtle poaching laws.  By targeting diverse markets we forged alliances with icons of popular culture, like the rock group, Maná, and the norteño super banda, Los Tigres del Norte. We utilize alternative media sources to spread our message effectively.


We wrote a letter to the Pope asking him to tell Catholics not to eat sea turtles during Lent. In Mexico on those 40 days about 10 thousand turtles were eaten. We argued that: 1) They are reptiles and thus are red meat not white fish, and 2) They are in danger of becoming extinct and according to the bible, we humans supposed to be the caretakers of the earth. 

The Pope replied and said that he would think about it, but the media liked the idea and featured the  “DON’T EAT TURTLE” message on the news.


We estimated that we reached a global audience of 50 million in Mexico including repeated coverage throughout the major newspapers, TV and radio outlets in the county (- like Televisa, Reforma, La Jornada). Even the US media liked the campaign. The "DON'T EAT THE SEA TURTLE" campaign was featured in the following: National Public Radio, CNN, CBS News, Washington Post, Associated Press, Los Angeles Times, Popular Science, New Scientist, Newsweek, Scientific American, Duke UniversityMagazine, and the San Diego Union-Tribune.