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Los Tigres del Norte


In 2004, in order to reach a different market that we had so successfully reached with rock group Mana, we launched a new partnership with Grammy-award winning recording artists Los Tigres del Norte, one of the most successful and popular musical groups in the Spanish-speaking world.  Los Tigres del Norte have been able to portray "real life" in a manner that strikes a chord with people across the Americas. So when they agreed to ask their audience not to eat sea turtles because they are in endangered, we knew we would have a significant impact on at least one of the most important markets, those of Sinaloa and Sonora, famous for eating sea turtle. The Tigres impact surpassed our wildest expectations, and they also participated in our 2005 campaign.



We participated in concerts in Mexicali, Hermosillo, Tijuana and Mexico City reaching an estimated 100,000 audience.  We alo worked in the US side of the border in San Diego and Phoenix reaching an audience of 40,000.