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October 31, 2013

WILDCOAST Holds First Ever Coastal Community Conservation Network Summit In La Paz

Fay Crevoshay

From October 22t o 24, WILDCOAST held its first ever Coastal Community Conservation Network Summit in La Paz, Mexico. This innovative event brought together 21 coastal conservationists from 13 communities from the Baja California Peninsula and Oaxaca to share experiences and discuss ways to better bolster their own efforts to protect their coastlines and make an impact at the state and federal levels in Mexico.


 “We are very proud to be part of the WILDCOAST Network for coastal and marine conservation and we are ready to work together in pursue of our conservation goals,” said Maria Janet Camacho Villavicencio of Bahia Magdalena. “We thank WILDCOAST for the training and support,” she added.


Summit participants participated in a full day of training in conservation policies, land use planning, conservation law, obtaining federal grants and national park management.


“Through our Network, we are linking conservationists from different communities in Mexico together so we can better help them to preserve the amazing coastal ecosystems where they live. These special places depend on strong local conservationists to maintain the richness that in turn allows local residents to maintain their livelihoods in ecotourism and fishing,” said Veronica Rangel of WILDCOAST.


Last year Coastal Network members from Oaxaca participated in a campaign to highlight a PEMEX oil spill that severely impacted more than a 100 miles of sea turtle nesting beaches and disrupted their fishing activities.


WILDCOAST will continue to work with Network members to build their capacity to engage in strengthening state and federal coastal and marine conservation policies in Mexico.