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November 21, 2013

Executive Director, Serge Dedina Writes Forward for Living Coastal

Fay Crevoshay

Chefs Press Publishers presents Artist Jolee Pink‘s debut book, Living Coastal: Inspirations for Entertaining, Decorating and Cooking California Style; an art book, cookbook and celebration that captures the spirit of San Diego artists and chefs inspired by the Pacific Ocean.

"The book exemplifies sustainable California living, something we feel very passionate about!" says Serge Dedina, founder and Executive Director of WILDCOAST, who wrote the book’s forward.

Dr. Dedina is an avid surfer, swimmer, and former State of California Ocean Lifeguard, explains that he “really enjoys the unique mix of tantalizing seafood recipes and extraordinary artistic creations that make up this ingenious work.”

Eighteen featured chefs divulge more than 20 of their greatest recipes, using fresh local produce, sustainably-sourced and locally fished seafood, including: Tommy Fraioli’s, of Sea Rocket Bistro, Sea Urchin Crostini with Roe-Herb Butter, Jalapeño Jam and Lavender Salt • Paul Arias’, from The Fishery, Mussels and Northwest Crab Cakes with Fennel and Linguica in Red Jalapeño Broth and Brandon Brooks’, of Sessions Public, Pan-Seared Local Sardines with Tapenade and Coleslaw.

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