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January 21, 2011

WiLDCOAST is Moving Swiftly to Save Central Baja

WiLDCOAST is making significant advancement to protect the undisturbed coastal ecosystems of the Valle de los Cirios Pacific Coast
Where the wild Pacific and the Valley of the Boojum meet

The Valle de los Cirios, or the Valley of the Boojum, is one of the most mystical natural landscapes on earth. The region has been largely spared the devastating effects of rampant coastal development and speculation that have destroyed other parts of the peninsula. Unfortunately, the threat is always looming.

Although the Escalera Nautica project, which envisioned over twenty marinas along the Baja California Peninsula coastline, has been cancelled, the risks of another scheme are prevalent. The only marina instillation occurred at the sleepy fishing village of Santa Rosalillita, on the southern Valle de los Cirios Pacific Coast. The marina sits idle as subsequent erosion chews away at the village shorefront and abandoned machinery and materials blight the surrounding desert. Other points to the north were targets for similar ventures.

WiLDCOAST began to protect this coastline from the future onslaught of new development schemes in 2006 and has since protected over twenty miles of coastline. Our goal is to maintain the ecological integrity of this unique desert coast while maintaining open public access to the shoreline and empowering local citizens to be effective stewards of their environment. In 2011 we are pressing forward to take the entire Valle de los Cirios Pacific Coast off the development agenda.

We look forward to another exciting year in carrying out this mission.