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January 23, 2014

WILDCOAST Teams Up With YMCA for Conservation in South San Diego

Beautiful day for stewardship in the OVRP!
Sunset at the south end of the San Diego Bay.

Part of our South San Diego Bay and Otay River Watershed conservation program involves engaging community members to help restore the western end of the watershed at Otay Valley Regional Park, a restored urban river parkway that extends from Otay Lakes to the South San Diego Bay. Historically used for dumping, agriculture and gravel mining, the park is now an amazing example of what community and local government efforts can achieve through restoration and urban re-invention.

This past Saturday, we had the YMCA Armed Services Volunteers out for a cleanup at the Beyer Way staging area. Over 60 volunteers came out to enjoy the summer-like conditions and along with the OVRP Rangers, we removed over 500 pounds of mixed waste from the park.

Thanks to ongoing stewardship of community members and groups like the YMCA, WILDCOAST is lucky enough to carry out these conservation initiatives in South San Diego.

For more photos of the event see our Flickr page: