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May 07, 2014


El Hijo del Santo helps WILDCOAST to defend Cabo Pulmo!
El Hijo del Santo at Cabo Pulmo National Marine Park

El Hijo del Santo is in Cabo Pulmo at the National Marine Park that National Geographic once referred to as "the most robust marine reserve on the planet."

Conservation of this marine park is a prime example of Mexican conservation and national pride. Today, the marine reserve is threatened by a mega-development project, "Cabo Dorado," which plans to build three golf courses and nine hotels and condos with about 22,500 rooms, which will double the amount of rooms in the Los Cabos region. 

"Cabo Pulmo is the world's most successful marine reserve. It is absolutely amazing, and other countries are trying to reproduce that success that brought to full health a damaged ecosystem," said WILDCOAST Executive Director, Serge Dedina.

Please help our Ocean Defender, El Hijo del Santo, in his mission to save Cabo Pulmo!!!