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January 06, 2015


Serge Dedina
SEa Turtles in Morro Ayuta Beach, Oaxaca

This past May 8th, when El Hijo del Santo, our masked ocean superhero, entered a public hearing in San Jose del Cabo to stand up for Cabo Pulmo, he had no idea that he would be assaulted for defending the world’s most successful marine reserve. But as Santo stood up to speak, a former high-ranking government official and a group of assailants ambushed him.

Ironically, what should have been a simple public appearance to plea for the conservation of a coral reef turned into a huge media spectacle and controversy in Mexico. Ultimately, the Mexican government sided with El Santo and WILDCOAST and protected Cabo Pulmo against a Chinese government financed tourist project that would have placed up to 400,000 people next to a stunning and world-class protected coral reef.

But Santo’s heroic work was far from over. In August, he traveled to Oaxaca in Southern Mexico to spend the night guarding sea turtle nests from poachers and raising awareness of the ongoing need to protect sea turtles and their eggs. In October, he inaugurated a photo exhibit in Mexico’s Senate on Baja’s majestic Islands of the Pacific. Clearly, there is no better advocate for the coast and ocean than El Hijo del Santo. Thank you Santo for your leadership in working with WILDCOAST to preserve our treasures of the sea and for being one of the world’s most effective voices for our coast and ocean.


Serge Dedina, Executive Director