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February 12, 2015


Fay Crevosay
Claudio Contreras photographer

See this incredible video of the places WILDCOAST works to conserve

Wetlands are the link between land and water, and are some of the most productive ecosystems in the world. Some common names for different types of wetlands are swamp, marsh and bog. In Oaxaca, wetlands are full of trees, grasses, and shrubs. To be called a wetland, an area must be filled or soaked with water at least part of the year. 

Oaxaca has four wetlands of global importance.

WILDCOAST organizes workshops of best practices to educate guides, school children, and the local public in general, about the importance of the wetlands and their conservation. We have also helped create material, like this video, to show the beauty and bio-diversity of these important places, and promote a culture of conservation in the area. 

Wetlands have many important functions that benefit people and wildlife.

  • Provide habitat for a wide variety and number of wildlife and plants.

  • Filter, clean and store water - in other words, acting like kidneys for other ecosystems!

  • Collect and hold flood waters.

  • Absorb wind and tidal forces.

  • Provide places of beauty and many recreational activities

Wetlands also act like sponges by holding flood waters and keeping rivers at normal levels. Wetlands filter and purify water as it flows through the wetland system. Plants found in wetlands help control water erosion.