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June 03, 2015


Francisco Martinez

Last April, COSTASALVAJE and CONANP staff began updating the Management Program for Mexico’s Vizcaino Biosphere Reserve, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The largest of its kind in Mexico, the 6.2 million acres Vizcaino Biosphere Reserve includes large areas of desert ecosystems and the northern-most mangrove forests along the Pacific Coast; serves as a protected breeding area for Pacific gray whales; provides a home for a small wild population of rare peninsular pronghorn antelope; and hides some of Mexico’s best-preserved cave paintings, which UNESCO has also designated as a World Heritage Site - Cultural Heritage “Rock Paintings of the Sierra de San Francisco.”


COSTASALVAJE has been helping CONANP update the Reserve’s management program since it became clear that the current one, established in September 2000, was no longer effective. The new work program and its implementation, including workshops to identify new management policies and strategies for adaptation to climate change, will be defined by mid-July, culminating in the drafting of the updated Management Plan.


“The Management Program is a document that is built through a participatory-inclusive process where all actors choose the management and conservation strategies and policies governing the functioning operation of the Protected Area,” explained Pedro Jorge Medina Melo, Director of Management Plans Headquarters, CONANP.