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February 08, 2016


What can you do?


The coast of California is in jeopardy! Several Commissioners of the California Coastal Commission – the agency committed to protecting our coast through planning and regulation - is trying to remove its Executive Director, Dr. Charles Lester. Why? Because Dr. Lester isn’t willing to look the other way on projects that do not meet the guidelines of the California Coastal Act. We need his type leadership and transparency in the Commission to ensure the protection of our coast.

“Through his training as a geochemist and attorney and with a doctorate in political science, Lester is uniquely qualified to oversee the protection of California’s coast… It was as apparent then, as it is to me now, that Lester has the vision, expertise and leadership skills to guide the commission and our coastline into a climate-challenged 21st century.” – Serge Dedina, Executive Director of WILDCOAST.


SIGN the petition today to support Dr. Lester:

CALL and EMAIL Gov. Brown to tell him to NOT FIRE Dr. Lester from the Coastal Commission. For information on where to call here:

ATTEND the Coastal Commission hearing this Tuesday, February 10, in Morro Bay to voice your opinion on this social injustice and help protect California’s coast. For more information on the meeting click

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