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May 17, 2017

Conserving Cuba's Wild Coast

Televisa Por El Planeta
Image by Claudio Contreras

Last year, the WILDCOAST team carried out an expedition to Cuba with a film crew from “Por el Planeta”, a national news program on Mexico’s Televisa network. The intention of this trip was to document the incredible diversity of Cuba’s coral reef and mangrove ecosystems, and to share with the world, the pristine state of these protected areas, that have been virtually untouched for nearly 50 years.  

WILDCOAST has been working in Cuba to help ensure these unspoiled marine ecosystems remain healthy, intact, and full of life, especially under the growing wave of tourism that Cuba is experiencing.

This week, Televisa premiered a three part series of Cuba’s wild coast. 

Note: Videos are in Spanish.

Video Cuba's Wild Coast -  Part 1. (click on picture)

Video: Cuba's Wild Coast - "Jardines de la Reina" the biggest and most intact marine reserve in the caribbean -  Part 2. (click on picture)

Video: Cuba's Wild Coast "the sharks of Jardines de la Reina"-  Part 3. (click on picture)

Video: Cuba's Wild Coast - Guanahacabibes National park. Part 4.


Video: Cuba's Wild Coast - Ciénaga de Zapata, Cuba. Part 5.