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April 06, 2011

Blue Ocean Film Festival in Baja California Sur

April 3rd - 7th in the Cabo San Lucas Area

WiLDCOAST is on tour in Baja California Sur from April 3rd-7th to promote our Executive Director Serge Dedina’s new book “Wild Sea” and to bring the Blue Ocean (AzulOCEANO) Film Festival to the Cabo San Lucas area.

On Monday April 3rd, the film festival showcased a series of movies about marine conservation to over 300 elementary and high school students. The kids were thrilled to see movies and documentaries such as “Once Upon a Tide,” “Coral Connections,” and “Un Oceano de Verdad.”  The films helped them better understand the need to protect our natural resources and to inspire them to take action to make a positive impact in their environment.

Later that night, Serge Dedina held a book presentation to more than 80 attendees to talk about his new book “Wild Sea: Eco-wars and Surf Stories from the Coast of the California's.”   

Also, at the same time WiLDCOAST is doing a series of interviews and press conferences to talk about the “Yo No Como Caguama” (I don’t eat sea turtle) campaign to promote the importance of sea turtle conservation in Mexico.

Special thanks to everyone that made this possible! At WiLDCOAST we believe that it is important to inspire the future leaders of tomorrow to protect our most valuable natural resource: the ocean.