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May 20, 2011

30 Sea Turtles found dead on Diamond Beach Acapulco.

Karla Galarce, El Sur.
Image provided by COSTASALVAjE.

ACAPULCO, GUERRERO, MEXICO - COSTASALVAjE A. C. and environmentalist Monica Vallarino of the Hermosa Beach turtle camp
are reporting the death of 30 olive ridley sea turtles that were found dead on Playa Diamante in Acapulco, during the month of May.

According to Vallarino, of the Hermosa Beach turtle camp: "Most of the bodies of the sea turtles that we found have been mutilated and some have cuts on the ventral side where poachers extract what they call the corals, the eggs that are still in the belly of the turtle and have not been deposited during beach nesting.”

She noted that since early May, during surveillance rounds made within 6 miles of beaches adjacent to the community of Alfredo V. Bonfil to Playa Tres Vidas, members of the Hermosa Beach turtle camp, found about 30 dead sea turtles, many of them washed up by the sea. Hermosa Beach turtle camp has reported these findings of dead sea turtles to PROFEPA, the Environmental Protection Agency in Mexico, for further investigation.

On the night of May 18th, a dead sea turtle was found on Tres Vidas beach, where the mega resort area of Playa Diamante is located. This was reported in the turtle camp volunteer’s logbook when they make the rounds. Volunteers from the turtle camp sometimes bury the remains of the sea turtles in order to prevent the bad odors

June through November is the most important arrival season for the olive ridley sea turtles on the nesting beaches of Guerrero.  While the rest of the year, to a lesser extent, members of the species still continue reaching the beaches of Guerrero.

Article 420 of the Federal Penal Code states that a penalty of 1 to 9 years in prison and the equivalent of 300 to 3000 days of minimum wage fine will be given to whoever unlawfully captures, harms, or deprives the life of a sea turtle.