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May 21, 2011

Imperial Beach Lifeguards Warn Users to Avoid Ocean Water Contact During Beach Closure

by Paloma Aguirre

Imperial Beach Lifeguards warn beach goers, swimmers and surfers to stay away from sewage contaminated ocean water during this busy May 21st weekend. With a flow rate of 44 million gallons per day, the Tijuana River is impacting water quality all the way up to Silver Strand beach. IB Lifeguards have the authority to issue citations of up to $100 dollars to disobedient ocean users. With a beach closure in effect, if a rescue needs to take place, not only is the ocean user risking their own health but the lifeguard's health as well. 

If you are planning on spending the day at the beach make sure you avoid contact with contaminated water. For real time monitoring visit:

To view today's Department of Environmental Health Advisory click here