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May 25, 2011


by Paloma Aguirre

Beach and Bay Status Report 

Water quality closures and advisories for  

San Diego County Beaches 

May 25, 2011    3:05 PM   


Signs warning of contaminated water are posted at the following locations. 


Closures:  These beaches are closed to water contact due to sewage spills that may 

impact ocean or bay waters  


South County 

The ocean shoreline from U.S. /Mexico border to the North End of the TJ 

Estuary ( South end of Seacoast Drive 

Stations: Border Field State Park, the Tijuana Slough National Wildlife Refuge and 

Imperial Beach Shoreline 

Status Since: Dec 18 

Reason: Sewage-contaminated runoff from the Tijuana River. 

Advisories:  Water contact should be avoided at the following beaches due to  

bacterial levels that exceed health standards

La Jolla 

Station:  Children’s Pool  

Status Since: Sept 1997                     

Reason:  On-going contamination by harbor seals  



South County - Imperial Beach Shoreline  

Status Since: May 25, 2011 


For beaches next to storm drains, rivers, and lagoon outlets: 

During dry weather, avoid contact with runoff and recreational waters within at least 75 feet 

from where runoff enters ocean or bay waters.  


Call the DEH Beach & Bay Water Quality hotline at 619-338-2073 for updated information, or 

log onto the DEH web site at