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June 16, 2011

See Serge Dedina’s recent talk at TEDx America’s Finest City!

TEDx America's Finest City conference was held May 10th, 2011.
Image provided by TEDx American's Finest City

WiLDCOAST Executive Director and co-founder Serge Dedina spoke on May 10th at the TEDx America's Finest City on how we’ve used innovative media campaigns to advance coastal and marine conservation initiatives. His talk, "Sex, Soccer and Santo: The New Rules for Communicating about the Coast and Ocean" focused on how values (and not facts) can reach broader audiences in order to achieve conservation victories. 

TEDx America’s Finest City was an all-day conference at Scripps Seaside Forum that featured talks, demonstrations and brought together over a dozen of San Diego’s “thinkers and doers.” Dedina was impressed with the organizers of the event and felt honored to be included.