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June 27, 2011

Help WiLDCOAST Stay Classy!

Vote by July 8th to help us get to the second round of nominations!
Mana "No Comas Huevos de Tortuga" Campaign 2005
WiLDCOAST is nominated for an Achievement Award for the 3rd Annual Stay Classy Awards.  
With your help, we can get to the second round of nominations!
Voting is easy—simply click on this page and “LIKE” our Achievement: “WiLDCOAST Gathers International Attention to Save Sea Turtles Using Rock Music, Sexy Humor and Sports.“
And please share this with your friends, family, coworkers and neighbors via Facebook, twitter, myspace, blog, or any other place were you can help us spread the word and help us to win a Stay Classy Award this year!  We need as many “LIKES” as we can get by July 8th!