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June 30, 2011

Sprint Volunteers Partner With WiLDCOAST to Repair Trails in Otay Valley Regional Park

"Shear" enthusiasm for Otay Valley Regional Park
Landscaping science at its finest

On June 28th Sprint community volunteers partnered with WiLDCOAST and Otay Valley Regional Park Rangers to maintain a section of the park's trail near the Rios Staging area and I-805. Armed with garbage pickers, bags, pruning shears and loppers, volunteers rehabilitated a beautiful portion of the eastern trail system that cuts straight across the OVRP. Park Ranger Matt Sanford also schooled the volunteers on non-native invasive plant species such as arundo, anise, and ice plant, and discussed the presence of endangered species of birds and plants that use Otay River Valley habitat for their homes. We were also lucky enough to find a patch of Orcutt's Bird's Beak [Cordylanthus orcuttianus], a rare plant species of concern that is endemic in the Otay River Valley.

OVRP is your South San Diego Bay open space gem...get out there and enjoy it!