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July 08, 2011

The new El Faro came out! – Our gazette in Spanish for Magdalena Bay, in South Baja California

Information for 9 people living in a pristine ecosystem

We present El Faro No. 2, our quarterly free newsletter for the Magdalena Bay communities of Puerto San Carlos and Puerto Adolfo Lopez Mateos in Southern Baja California. COSTASALVAjE produces this 5,000-copy edition with the precious collaboration of community members and organized groups who are involved and interested in promoti  ng the preserving of their unique societies, ways of life and the natural treasures of these sites. El Faro is meant to foster local capacities for coastal and marine ecosystems conservation within the lagoon complex of Mag Bay and nearby communities.

We show the natural, human and cultural wealth within San Carlos and Lopez Mateos through the south Californians´ stories.  We tell about this original way of life where the desert meets the bay; we share the people’s achievements, their customs and their needs in an effort to increase the inhabitants pride and sense of belonging.

In El Faro the reader finds news for events, activities youth and children are involved in, entertainment and articles on how natural resources are being used as well as images of beautiful places in the region.

Mag Bay is located in the Mexican northwest Pacific. It is a 30-mile long lagoon complex where you can enjoy a variety of fresh seafood, aquatic activities, outings, walks and a chance to rest and spend time in connection with nature. This coastline is well known for its mangroves, wildlife and friendly local people.

Because Mag Bay is still a jewel in the Baja California peninsula, it needs our attention. Local people, government, visitors and anyone who appreciates the uniqueness and importance of the region should get involved for there are current threats that can cause irreversible damage to the quality of local’s lives when natural sites and wildlife deteriorates.

We are in time to get informed and participate to preserve these pristine places so they will still be there in future decades for future human generations and to make sure a satisfied and dignified life is secured for locals and their customs.  

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