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July 29, 2011

Underserved Youth in Tijuana Learn About Watershed Conservation

WiLDCOAST visits Échanos la mano! in Tijuana, Mexico to deliver workshops to 80 underserved youth.
Image by WiLDCOAST

Last Tuesday, July 19th, WiLDCOAST’s US-Mexico Border Coastal Conservation Program delivered workshops to 80 of Tijuana’s youth.  WiLDCOAST partnered with Gaby Mendoza, founder of Échanos la mano! The organization provides educational services for extremely underserved children from the ages 4 to 15 years old during summer break.  WiLDCOAST's workshop taught the youth of Échanos la mano! about watersheds and Tijuana River pollution.   The younger age groups used clay to create models of their very own watersheds, while the older group enjoyed an interactive presentation and screening of WiLDCOAST’s documentary, “One River.”  It was an exciting and educational experience for all involved.   WiLDCOAST hopes to continue its educational outreach efforts with groups in Tijuana and San Diego.