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January 23, 2012

If you have surfed in Baja California Sur, Mexico in the last year we need your input and ideas!

A.J. Schneller, Ph.D.
Punta Buscalo, BCS - Photo: A.J. Schneller

This research will help us to better understand the social, environmental, and economic contributions of the surfing community to the Mexican state of B.C.S. The B.C.S. surf valuation and community participation survey is now online, in both English and Spanish, at:

Take the English Version HERE

Take the Spanish version HERE

This research will provide us with information that will allow us to be better represented when proposed coastal development projects threaten marine and coastal ecosystems, and our favorite surf breaks.

The research also identifies surfer preferences for the creation of a Mexican National or Regional “Surfing Reserve” established in B.C.S. We hope to work with the Mexican National Commission of Natural Protected Areas (CONANP) to create the reserve based on environmental preservation and surfing as an amenity.

The Save The Waves Coalition has successfully completed several Surfonomic Studies, including Mavericks in California and Mundaka, Spain. Both studies pointed to the significant environmental, social, and economic value of surf breaks based on the quantity of tourist visits per year. This information is crucial for decision makers to realize that surfing is not a fringe activity, and that the preservation of waves and coastal habitats actually has value, perhaps more than destructive coastal development schemes.

This research is supported by a coalition of environmental organizations and educational institutions, including: Surfers Without Borders, proPeninsula and The Ocean Foundation, Save the Waves Coalition, Ocean Revolution, EcoEducadores Verde y Azul, and WiLDCOAST

If your organization would like to sign-on to this study and host a web link to our survey, please contact Dr. A.J. Schneller at: