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August 02, 2011

Volunteers Working Hard for Habitat Restoration in the Otay River Delta!

WiLDCOAST, River Partners and the US Fish and Wildlife Service tackle the new south bay restoration site
WiLDCOAST volunteer enthusiasm!

On Saturday July 30th WiLDCOAST volunteers worked hand-in-hand with River Partners and the USFWS to remove trash and large concrete and rock obstacles from a new habitat restoration site in the Otay River watershed. Much thanks goes out to Allied Waste Services for donating the 15 yard concrete roll-off, OVRP Ranger John Barone for his continued hard work in the Otay, John Willett for his stellar volunteer commitment, Greg Treber and Jose Granados for their skilled tractor driving ability, Brian Collins and Lisa Cox from USFWS for their facilitation and participation in the event, San Diego County Board of Supervisors Greg Cox, and all of the community volunteers and high school students who showed up and worked hard. We removed hundreds of pounds of trash and rubble...

Stay tuned, as we'll be hosting native plant reintroduction events for the fall!

The Otay Delta Habitat Restoration Project site is part of a larger riparian ecosystem and wildlife habitat corridor that extends from the San Diego Bay east into the Otay Mountains.  The restoration of 65 acres of riparian habitat in the Otay Delta will improve the quality and continuity of habitat for a variety of neo-topical migratory and resident birds, including several threatened and endangered species, as well as other native wildlife.  The Otay Delta Restoration Project builds upon ongoing efforts by the City of San Diego, County of San Diego, City of Chula Vista, and The US Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) to create a habitat corridor within the Otay Valley Regional Park.  Additionally, the project will implement the City of San Diego Multiple Species of Conservation Program (MSCP) Sub-area Plan, which specifies that a 1,000-foot-wide wildlife corridor be provided on this site to preserve connections between the Otay River and San Diego Bay (City of San Diego 1997).