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September 01, 2011

Conservation for Tourism Promotion

Conservation success stories are good news for Tourism
Mantas jumping in Cabo Pulmo by Ralph Lee Hopkins

This summer, our Marine Protected Area Cabo Pulmo, located in Baja California Sur, was declared the “most robust marine reserve in the planet” In only two months, Cabo Pulmo was awarded more than 15 national and international articles from the written and digital press, including Yahoo France, helping considerably to communicate the success of conservation efforts in Mexico.

Positive news of conservation is good news to the world but it is of significant value for our dear Mexico as it is associated in the international press with crime and narcos.

In WiLDCOAST we are our proud to be part of the efforts to promote tourism to the most successful reserve which is Cabo Pulmo, so when the Director of Los Cabos Tourism announces that 80% of tourist do not return to Cabo because they are not satisfied with their experience, we know visitors have not yet visited Cabo Pulmo. Similarly, when the hotel and developers of Los Cabos indicate that they have never obtained more than 60% occupancy and the infrastructure and services are underutilized, we know that they are not diversifying options for tourists.

The tourism tendency for Mexico has changed as we see less demand for hotel packages of sun-sand-sea. Today´s tourism prefers “ecotourism, adventure travel, responsible tourism” in order to have “unique experiences”, hence…

We wait for you in Cabo Pulmo! It is a unique experience to visit this sanctuary of sea, land and its people!

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