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November 08, 2010

A Meeting of Amigos to Save Cabo Pulmo.

Saving Cabo Pulmo
Picture by Ralph Lee Hopkins

This past weekend Cabo Pulmo's community met with Non Profit Organizations, and foundations, to figure out what the next steps should be in process of saving the coral reef of Cabo Pulmo by preventing the mega development of Cabo Cortes of being built.

"We talked about accomplishments, missteps, and possible future developments and actions we could take together, and each group in it's field of competence", said Fay Crevoshay, Communications Director of WiLDCOAST, that attended the meeting.

Also attending were Amigos de Cabo Pulmo, Niparaja, Fondo Mexicano para la Proteccion de la Naturaleza, CEMDA, DAN, WiLDCOAST, The Walton Family Foundation, The Packard Foundation, RLF, NRDC, among others. 

The meeting ended with a great "convivio" and good deal of optimism.


The next day, the Amigos de Cabo Pulmo were given the wonderful news that they were picked as finalist for Iniciativa Mexico, for their project titled “Cabo Pulmo le apostó a la conservación" (Cabo Pulmo bet on conservation) and won $80,000 to fund their project and keep protecting Cabo Pulmo.

About Cabo Pulmo:

Off the coast of Cabo Pulmo, its the largest coral reef system in the Gulf of California and possibly the oldest reef in the Northeastern Pacific. It is home to 226 out of the 875 species of fish that live in the Golf of California.  In 1995, it was declared a Natural Protected Area by Mexican authorities, and today it is a National Park covering 17,571 acres, 99% of the area being in the ocean.