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September 19, 2011

Wildcoast on Chanal 8 in La Paz

Ecological Threats and Economical Risk for Cabo Pulmo by Cabo Cortes project
In Studio of Channel 8 in La Paz : Cecilia Fischer - Wildcoast, Aurara Breceda - Host of Program "People of their Word" for TV Ch 8, Agustin Bravo - CEMDA

Aurara Breceda from "Comunidad Vision y Desarrollo AC" on TV Channel 8 in La Paz, BCS interviewed Cecilia Fischer from WiLDCOAST and Agustin Bravo from Centro Mexico de Derecho Ambiental CEMDA regarding the ecological threats and economical risks the mega development “Cabo Cortes” has for the "most robust marine reserve in the plannet” - Marine Park of Cabo Pulmo

During one hour live WiLDCOAST and CEMDA shared with capital city of Baja California Sur, the importance of Cabo Pulmo for the world and for Mexico; how Cabo Pulmo became protected and restored thanks to the work of its committed community; what are the positive outcomes of a success story of conservation for Mexico; why the mega development Cabo Cortes will not work for attracting investment; what problems do the investors of Cabo Cortes have and thus will threaten the tourism industry for the region; how can you advocate to Save Cabo Pulmo.

Video will be in 3 days.

Save Cabo Pulmo! No to Mega Development!

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