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October 03, 2011

Badly Planned Development in Mexico Threatens Coastline.

Why the Cabo Cortes Project will not work for Cabo Pulmo.
By Ralph Lee Hopkins: Puerto Los Cabos building a marina in an estuary in San Jose del Cabo

Sandra Dibble from “Sign On San Diego” has done excellent research and interviews with defrauded investors and buyers of coastline development in Baja. What she found is something, we should all know about.

“The case is one of several involving Americans who said they mistakenly placed faith in U.S. real estate franchises or projects promoted by U.S. companies in Baja California. While affiliation with well-known U.S. firms or names may be a powerful marketing tool, it confers no special protection in Mexico”   To read full article, please click here.

High risk real estate investments in Baja are backed up by all sorts of groups: small, large, with ties in the USA, and with franchises worldwide. So why take the risk of building a 2nd Los Cabos city by allowing and/or buying into the Spanish investment - Cabo Cortes located next to the Marine Park of Cabo Pulmo? Cabo Cortes main investor, Hansa Urbana, is technically bankrupt in Spain with its majority share holder CAM (Caja de Ahorro del Mediterraneo) rescued by the Spanish Bank. Isnt obvious that buying into a real estate deal whose investors have fiscal issues will repeat more grayish deals for new home buyers in Baja? Please don’t be fooled, and this information. Baja is vibrant bicultural community that has no place for mega development or for risky investments that threatens the “most robust marine reserve in the planet” – Marine Park of Cabo Pulmo.

Save Cabo Pulmo! No to Mega Development!


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