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October 07, 2011

Senator in Baja California Sur: Cabo Cortes should not occur in Cabo Pulmo

More voices against the bad dealings of Fonatur in Cabo Pulmo, threatened by Cabo Cortes
Wall to Wall coastline development - Fonatur´s decaying model of development

Fonatur “Fondo Nacional de Fomento de Turismo” – National Trust Fund for Tourism - has had a long history of bad dealings, followed by degradation of the environment with the excuse their works increase the socio-economic indicators of Mexico. However, everywhere Fonatur has placed its attention, it is met with controversy by community leaders, developers and for the first time, by our legislators. In the coastline of the Gulf of California, they have done their share of grayish tactics from Los Cabos, to Loreto and in Cabo Pulmo, John McCarthy left his footprint while serving as Director of Fonatur and after his position he enlisted with Hansa Urbana.

According to Senator Luis Coppola, he tells “La Jornada” Newspaper:


“Spain is at the edge of a financial crisis, worse than Greece, and thus Hansa Urbana (Cabo Cortes)is far from solidifying their announced project of 16 thousand hotel rooms built over 20 years. I am sure that four or five years will pass and there will not be a single square meter of construction in place.

We must be vigilant that the authorities do not award permits to Hansa Urbana, for it is close to the Marine Park of Cabo Pulmo, where we have an alive reef, and 60% of marine species are found”

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