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October 11, 2011

South San Diego Bayfront Tour Highlights Conservation Opportunities

Rare birds, plant sniffing, salt production, economic opportunities, sea level rise, mudflats, cats and rats...just a few of the day's discussion topics
Laura Hunter and Clay Tschudy discuss endangered species habitat restoration possibilities in south San Diego Bay

On Friday October 7th WilDCOASAT hosted the South Bay Wildlife Advisory Group and public tour of four locations in south San Diego Bay to learn about plants, animals, native ecosystems, habitat restoration, and the various development and recreational components of the Chula Vista bayfront Masterplan. 18 partcipants toured in vans provided by Pacifica, the development company with plans for building infrastructure in the south bay.

Highlights of the tour included USFWS' Andy Yuen, who discussed habitat restoration on Sweetwater Marsh, as well as lands that were formerly used for salt production. Clay Tschudy taught us about native and non-native species of plants that can be seen throughout the south bay, and their associated habitat value. Jim Peugh from the San Diego Audubon Society discussed migratory birds that use San Diego Bay and uplands for forage and habitat. Laura Hunter discussed the history and challenges of balancing south bay wildlife habitat, economic development, and recreational opportunities, and the important role given to the South Bay Wildlife Advisory Group.  

We hope you'll join WiLDCOAST on December 9th for our next tour, which will possibly include a boat tour of the south bay and breakfast at the National City Clarrion Inn. Details will be announced soon!