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October 15, 2011

WiLDCOAST interviewed by TELEVISA in Cabo Pulmo

An in depth story of Cabo Pulmo, threaten by mega development Cabo Cortes
Fay Crevoshay, Director of Communication of Wildcoast, interviewed by Mario Alberto Tinoco from TELEVISA in Cabo Pulmo

Televisa – the largest TV broadcasting station in Mexico is doing an in depth story on Cabo Pulmo and the threats it faces from mega development of Cabo Cortes (Hansa Urbana). As soon as the story comes out, we will show it.

Marine Reserve of Cabo Pulmo belongs to all of us: The live reef is important for the creation of oxygen and serves as heaven for creation of fish larvae and biodiversity. The location of Cabo Pulmo is strategic for helping to restore a depleted fisheries and for providing outstanding experiences for tourists in a time when very few tourists visit Mexico.

It is fitting, that Televisa has taken notice that “the most robust marine reserve in the planet” is under threat by a developer – Hansa Urbana - not wanted even in their homeland, Spain, for fiscal litigation.

Please help us Save Cabo Pulmo! Your voice counts, more than ever before. Please share this story and let others know you don’t want Cabo Cortes to be built. Thank you and we hope to see you in Cabo Pulmo!

Please sign the Petition to Save Cabo Pulmo