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October 19, 2011

30,000 Baby Sea Turtles Released in Playa Diamante, Acapulco.

Community wary of looming development threats to sea turtles and beach goers in Playa Revolcadero.
Pictures by Natalia Parra.

ACAPULCO, Mexico.-  Around 30,000 baby olive ridley sea turtles have been released in the last four months by members of the sea turtle camp at Hermosa Beach in Acapulco.  

With the help of her family and a group of volunteers, Monica Vallarino has safely guarded over 63,586 sea turtle eggs since last July from predators and human poachers, releasing a total of 29,830 baby sea turtles into the ocean.

Sea turtles face many risks, like the strong waves in Acapulco, human poachers, and packs of dogs that eat sea turtle eggs.  That is why Monica and members of four other sea turtle camps work to help protect sea turtles nests along Playa Diamante.  

With the help of WiLDCOAST and Vallarino’s daughter Michelle, they released yesterday morning 167 sea turtle hatchlings from two different nests.  The sea turtles made their way into the ocean with the help of the incoming waves.

It is believed that for every thousand turtles that hatch, only one will live to reach adulthood. Seaward sea turtles face many dangers in their journey such as predators, ocean pollution, rogue fishing gear and illegal capture for human consumption.


Conservationists, business owners, tourists, residents and street vendors have all warned of a new risk sea turtles will face when nesting; the Mexican government has approved the construction of a pier in Playa Revolcadero in Acapulco.

The new pier that will be for private boat users will disturb sea turtles that swim near the shore due to the increased presence of boats andnoise; sea turtles are also at risk of being struck by propellers.