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October 24, 2011

Global Wave Conference 2011

Fay Crevoshay
WiLDCOAST's Execitive Director - Serge Dedina, Conservation Director - Ben Mc Cue, and Wildlands Program Manager - Zachary Plopper are attending the first ever Global Wave Conference in Biarritz, France. The conference organized by the Surfrider Foundation and Surfrider-EuropeSave the Waves, and Surfers Against Sewage and especially Dr. Tony But, is an attempt to bring together wave-saving activists and organizations from around the world to discuss tools and techniques to save the waves and beautiful surf spots

Serge Dedina will be talking in San Sebastian, the second day of the conference, on “Saving Wild Waves: How WiLDCOAST Saved 30 Miles Coastline in Baja California, Mexico.”

Main topics:

  1. How to Define the Value of a Wave, and by Extension, of Nature?
  2. What Are the Threats Facing the Waves?
  3. Which Strategies Can Be Put into Place to Protect them?