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October 24, 2011

High-Way to La Rivera in East Cape has begun

Land Speculation threatening the coast of East Cape and Cabo Pulmo Marine Reserve
Highway from Puerto Los Cabos in San Jose del Cabo to La Rivera (next to Cabo Pulmo) in East Cape

A high-way construction has begun from Puerto Los Cabos in San Jose del Cabo to La Rivera in East Cape (right next to Marine Reserve of Cabo Pulmo!). To see video of changes to the area, please click here.

What is the cost-benefit of this construction? Is there tourism demand for the expansion of Los Cabos into East Cape? Nope!

 In September 2011, Hotels in Los Cabos closed with at best 10% occupancy with calls coming in from tourists no more than 3 months prior to their vacation (long gone are the days of 1 or 2 years of pre-planning for a vacation to Cabo)


 Realtors in Los Cabos claim that in all of 2011, the commercial space occupancy in Los Cabos is down by 65%!

 In July 2011, developers and hotels in Los Cabos told the Ministry of Tourism (Secretaria de Turismo SECTUR) their hotel occupancy was at best at 55%, and in all the history of Los Cabos, hotel occupancy has never been above 60%! To read the article in Spanish, please click here.

 Furthermore, this summer, the Director of Tourism of Los Cabos, cited a study from stating that 80% of tourists that visit Los Cabos, do not return because they are not satisfied with their vacation experience. To read the article in Spanish, please click here

So the truth comes out finally: the real reason to build the high-way is to speculate with the land. In the mean time, Los Cabos is not becoming preferred tourist destination and its residents are having a hard time coping with empty hotels, restaurants, no tourist to buy time-shares and the infrastructure is not getting any better either: water and power shortages, and no space in schools for the children of migrant workers. Unfortunately, all the roads lead to Marine Park of Cabo Pulmo – “the most robust marine reserve in the planet”.

Help us Save Cabo Pulmo, and tell others to say No to buying real estate from Cabo Cortes and any other mega development in Baja.

Your voice makes the difference! Thank you so much!

Please sign the petition to Save Cabo Pulmo