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November 15, 2011

Los Cabos Community participates in campaign to “Save Cabo Pulmo, No to Cabo Cortes”

Collective small actions, create profound changes
Los Cabos community in Campaign Save Cabo Pulmo, No to Cabo Cortes by WiLDCOAST

During the 4th - 6th of November Alfredo Salafranca from “SUP Mexico” - hosted the 2nd Tournament of Stand Up Surf in Los Cabos with more than 100 visitors. During the event WiLDCOAST Field Coordinator, Cecilia Fischer distributed t-shirts, stickers and information to participants and collaborated with “EnvironMass - Cabo Recycles” and “” team with Graciela Tiburcio to engage folks from the community to learn about the threats the Marine Reserve of Cabo Pulmo faces as a result of Cabo Cortes mega development and what residents can do to help. People were excited to learn that a Special joint Mission from UNESCO and RAMSAR is visiting the region from the 14 to the 17 of November. The mission will evaluate the impacts to the Cabo Pulmo reef, as a result of the authorizations given to mega developments in East Cape, such as Cabo Cortes, La Rivera and Anhelo Resorts. Several participants mentioned they had just seen on 4th November the 1 hour show of Cabo Pulmo through the interview organized by WiLDCOAST of the famous diver Sylvia Earle in Televisa, so the air was buzzing with Cabo Pulmo and protecting the environment - some folks even had the interview on their cell given it described Cabo Pulmo as a "Hope Spot" for life on the planet which gives a positive presentation of Los Cabos and Mexico - also important for tourism. To see a segment of the this interview, please click here.

Be part of the effort to Save Cabo Pulmo: your simple action to sign the petition to Save Cabo Pulmo and request the Cancelations of Permits of Cabo Cortes has a profound impact on the survival of the reef - please click here to sign petition.

Please tell others to sign the petition.

Thank you so much! We hope to see you soon in Cabo Pulmo!