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December 16, 2011

California King Tides Initiative Call to Action!

An Initiative to showcase the potential effects of sea level rise due to climate change

California King Tides Initiative Call to Action!

Please join us for the 2nd Annual California King Tides Photo Initiative this winter. To participate, grab your camera and take photos of coastal areas flooded by high tides this December 23-24, January 20-22, and February 7-9.

“King tides” is an extreme high tide event that occurs when the sun and moon’s gravitational forces reinforce one another.  King tides tend to be more dramatic in the winter when storms cause increased wind and wave activity along the coast. These high water events allow us to visualize now how flooding from rising sea levels could impact our beaches, coastal areas and shoreline communities.  

Get Involved!

1. Mark your calendars for December 23 -24, January 20 -21, and February 7 – 9, when king tides are expected to occur.

Go to and view the tide schedule and find out when the highest tides will occur in your area.  Take images of areas that are known to flood and erode and / or areas where the high water levels can be gauged against sea walls, jetties, bridge supports, dikes, buildings or other coastal infrastructure around the state. If possible, take comparison photos the same area at low tide or during a normal high tide. Remember to be safe! High tides can cause hazardous waves and flooding so please keep your distance from the shoreline as you snap your photos.

 2. Load photos to the California King Tides Flickr group. The higher the resolution the better! For additional details, please visit our “Share Your Pictures” web page.

3. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date!

4. Join us! Contact the King Tides organizers to plug your organization, group, school, or company into our efforts and join our list of participants.  Email

The California King Tides Initiative was launched in the winter of 2010/2011 by a partnership of state agencies and non-profit organizations. As a successful pilot effort, the King Tides Initiative created a rich and diverse archive of photographs that highlight the changes in California’s shoreline communities and ecosystems.  For more information, read our 2010/2011 California King Tides Initiative Report [ 498KB] and check out media coverage of the inagural King Tides Initiative and read our

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