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February 08, 2012

Pacific Voyagers have traveled more than 20,000 miles to visit the Best Marine Reserve in the Planet – Cabo Pulmo

Why? Cabo Pulmo is under threat by the mega-development Cabo Cortes
"Vaka" Vessels coming to Cabo Pulmo (Photo Credits: Top - Pacific Voyagers, Bottom-Ralph Lee Hopkins IlCP)

From February 7th to the 13th, WiLDCOAST / COSTASALVAjE, Amigos para la Conservacion de Cabo Pulmo, Grupo Tortuguero de las Californias, y Transportaciones Turisticas Cora welcomes the Pacific Voyagers. The Voyagers, carrying the message to protect and conserve the Oceans, have traveled more than 20,000 miles through the Pacific to visit the “the best marine reserve in the planet”, Cabo Pulmo Marine Park (located 1 hr by car North of San Jose del Cabo). One hundred and six crew members travel aboard six Vakas, traditional Indonesian vessels, with sails and a small motor powered by solar energy for emergencies, using celestial navigation (guided by the stars).

On the 9th February at 4pm in Cabo Pulmo town, the Voyagers and members of Cabo Pulmo village will do a welcome ceremony, consistent of the traditional welcome rituals of each community. The village of Cabo Pulmo will offer the traditional “café de talega ” and homemade beans and burritos. Voyagers, in return,  will perform the Haka Dance. Soon after, the Voyagers will have a discussion with the village members of Cabo Pulmo on celestial navigation, an ancestral skill that has been rescued by the Pacific Voyagers. It is this same navigation skill that allowed Jesuit missionaries to visit the peninsula for the first time.

It is fitting to have communities across the Pacific Ocean unite when the planets coast´s and Oceans are in peril. In Cabo Pulmo, the mega development Cabo Cortes with its 27,000 rooms and marina for 490 slips, threatens the wild life of the live coral reef of Cabo Pulmo, and the livelihood of the region. “Save Cabo Pulmo, No to Cabo Cortes!” campaign contains many components, from legal action to mass media communication and this event is to remember our for love the Ocean, for we are all affected and united by the health of the sea.

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Opportunity for Media: On February 10 at 9am, in Los Frailes beach, just 2 kms south of the Cabo Pulmo entrance, media is invited for a short sailing trip aboard the "Vakas" vessels.

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