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February 22, 2011

WiLDCOAST at Milton Castellanos Everardo Elementary School

Education tools used in the Program

On February 22, WiLDCOAST’s environmental education team went to the Milton Castellanos Everardo Elementary School in Ensenada to talk about WiLDCOCAST’s California condor reintroduction program. The team spoke to thirty excited 6th grade students about the California condor story. These talks disseminate information about the condors, their struggle and how as individuals we can help their survival. For example, the team emphasizes the importance of proper litter disposal because the Condors sometimes confuse metal and plastic bottle tops, with food (they eat carcasses, dead bodies of big mammals, and therefore bones)which can lead to death. The team also motivates children to share the story with their family and peers. The kids receive pamphlets, stickers and posters. WiLDCOAST is convinced about the positive impact of these talks. The receptivity and understanding of the kids inspire the team to continue this amazing education and awareness project. One child stated after the talk, “ I will make a drawing of the California condor to put on the wall so we won’t forget what you came to tell us today”. 

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