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February 14, 2012

Conservation Success Continues in Laguna San Ignacio

WiLDCOAST and CONANP Achieve the Conservation of 150 miles of Shoreline.
Punta Abreojos is one of the areas that the ZOFEMAT effort is being carried out near the lagoon

Since 2008, WiLDCOAST has been working closely with Mexico’s national Commission for Protected Natural Areas to conserve important coastal segments adjacent to Baja’s protected areas. Concessions to the 20 meter ZOFEMAT (Federal Maritime Terrestrial Zone) can be granted for development purposes even in protected areas such as Laguna San Ignacio.

WiLDCOAST and CONANP are working together to protect the ZOFEMAT in the most critical areas through a type of conservation concession called acuerdos de destino. WiLDCOAST is providing logistical and technical support to CONANP to carry out the required fieldwork and applications necessary to obtain acuerdos de destino. This collaborative effort has resulted in the conservation of 150 miles around the lagoon. Applications have been submitted for an additional 120 miles and approvals are pending.

WiLDCOAST and CONANP are applying the same strategy in Bahia Magdalena, the Valle de los Cirios, Cabo Pulmo and the islands of the Sea of Cortez.