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March 27, 2012

1st time in Mexican History: Minister of Environment is in public hearing for threatening natural resources

Cabo Pulmo is under threat by Cabo Cortes construction permits
Clockwise: Cabo Pulmo: Octavio Aburto Oropeza ILCP; Minster of Environment-Elvira Quesada, Land of Cabo Cortes in Cabo Pulmo

The Marine Protected Area of Cabo Pulmo, located 1hr North of Los Cabos, is under threat because of an authorization by the “Secretaria del Medio Ambiente y Recursos Naturales” - SEMARNAT (Ministry for Environmental Protection in Mexico) to build another city with the hotel occupancy of Cancun, named Cabo Cortes. This mega-resort plans to build 27,000 rooms, one marina with 490 slips, an airport, 2 golf course and extract fresh water from the desert with a concession from the aquifer of Santiago for 4.5millions cubic meters and a desal plant. All this impact next to a marine reserve that is a world heritage site under UNESCO, contains wetlands of world importance under the Convention of Ramsar and is considered by Scripss Institute, National Geographic and other international institutions the “best marine reserve on the planet” because of its biological restoration during the last 16 years (more than 460% increase in biomass and biodiversity).

For this reason, Juan Rafael Elvira Quesada, Minister of SEMARNAT, will be have to appear before a public hearing in the Mexican Senate for awarding permits that threaten the best conservation story Mexico has.

Live coverage on the Public TV Channel of the Senate of Mexico, 28th March 5pm – Mexico City time (Mountain time).

Your post of facebook, your twitter, your choice to sign the petition revoke permits for Cabo Cortes is working!

It doesn’t matter where you live or are from - We can all vote to save Cabo Pulmo. See you at the live stream! Follow us on twitter @SalvaCaboPulmo Facebook: Wildcoast and Costasalvaje