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April 09, 2012

Beach Clean Up: El Medano Beach + Estuary - Cabo San Lucas

Spring Break - on the most visited beach in Los Cabos
Clockwise: Volunteers Students from University of Cabo San Lucas; El Medano Beach-day before clean up; Clean Up Crew from City of Los Cabos and volunteers

Sunday 8th April 2012

By Cecilia Fischer - Coordinator for Los Cabos Program

On the most visited beach of Los Cabos, El Medano, 20 sum volunteers and clean up crew of the City of Los Cabos arrived at 7am. After 2 hours, more than 1 ton of trash was pick up. Found lots of cigarette buds, beer caps, and wrappers of all sorts!

Out of 217 miles of coastline in the Municipality of Los Cabos, only approximately 10+miles are available for the public to use - estimated population of Los Cabos is 210,000 persons. Hence, the density of the use of the beach of El Medano is very high - please see the top right picture in the insert slide.

Jacky Alaniz from Mazatlan and volunteers from University of Cabo San Lucas spoke of the importance of this beach because it is the most accessible for the community of Cabo San Lucas, and there are no heavy waves. "This is such an emblematic beach of Los Cabos with its arch way, its need to stay clean!" said Noe Cabrera from Tamaulipas, another volunteer, who can longer visit the beaches in his hometown because of oil spills in the Gulf of Mexico. Francisco Zarsoza, business owner of rentals on the beach and strong advocate for keeping the small struggling estuary in El Medano alive, recognized the volunteers, clean up crew of City of Los Cabos, WILDCOAST and QUIKSILVER for their work on VHF radio so that all the community of tourism, boaters and authorities that transit on Cabo San Lucas Bay could know that a few persons can make a measurable difference in the environment.

After five hours on the beach, we ended with more volunteers than we started and were asked to return for a lot of work remains to be done! Gracias a todos! - Big thank you to each and everyone one of you and in particular to: Jacky Alaniz from Mazatlan, Noe Cabrera from Tamaulipas, David Zavaleta from Mexico City, David Cortes from Acapulco, Claudia Adrea Lino from San Luis Potosi, Gustavo Perez from San Jose del Cabo, Carlos Cornejo from Acapulco and Humberto Baeza from Mexico City.

See you all very soon! :)

For picture Log of Beach Clean Up, please click here.