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April 11, 2012

Behind the Lens of Will Sooter on the Cirios Coast

WilDCOAST and Photographer Will Sooter on a Baja Transect
The road to the pristine shores of the Cirios Coast

Earlier this spring, the WiLDCOAST team took wildlife photographer Will Sooter to the shores of the Valle de los Cirios Pacific Coast in Baja California. Will has been documenting the Peregrine falcons at Black’s Beach in San Diego for years and jumped on the idea of a visit to our protected land in the region. Home to a number of migratory and shorebird species, sweeping panoramic views of pristine coastline and an abundance of aquatic life, the opportunity for Will to document a truly wild coastal environment was an exciting endeavor. For more of Will's work check out his website.  

For information on how you can help protect the wild coastline of the Valle de los Cirios Pacific Coast contact Zach Plopper at