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June 05, 2012

Billboards and Murals to promote protection of Cabo Pulmo

Cabo Pulmo is under threat from mega-development Cabo Cortes
Mural in La Paz in main streets of Forjadores corner of Jalisco: Location of Map, with mexican revolutionary icon Emiliano Zapata "Save Cabo Pulmo, No to Mega Development Cabo Cortes" Credit: Wildcoast

For the last month, Cecilia Fischer, Coordinator of Los Cabos Program for Wildocoast, has been placing billboards in the cities of La Paz with images and messages that invite the community to take action to Save Cabo Pulmo and ask the President of Mexico to cancel the permits for Cabo Cortes – to see images, please click here. Also, the Wildcoast team, has been painting murals with volunteers in the cities of La Paz and Los Cabos. Volunteers are studentes, teachers and by-standers that wish to contribute to the campaign of “Save Cabo Pulmo! No to Cabo Cortes!”. Cabo Pulmo is 1 hr north of San Jose del Cabo, known for its marine productivity due its protection as a Natural Protected Area by the Commission for Natural Protected Areas. Unfortunately, the mega development Cabo Cortes wants to create a city right next to the marine reserve, in a place where there is no fresh water with 200,000 persons, 27,000 hotel rooms (double the amount of rooms currently available in Los Cabos) and a marina for 490 slips right next to “best marine reserve in the planet”.


All murals contain: 1) a map of the location of Cabo Pulmo, 2)what is Cabo Pulmo and 3)what is threatening Cabo Pulmo. Fortunately, all the walls are in heavy transit areas – several are right next to the trans-peninsular highway of Baja in the cities of La Paz and San Jose del Cabo. Also the walls are of private ownership from stakeholders that care for Cabo Pulmo: from mechanic shops to schools in down town historical center in San Jose del Cabo. But the murals served a double purpose: Wildcoast coordinated its work with local graffiti artists for many of the walls right next to the highway are filled with unwanted graffiti. After more than a month, all of the 10 murals do not have graffiti – an all time record we are told by the City of Los Cabos. Other owners where overjoyed to have murals on their walls because political parties will paint propaganda on their property without their permission. Wildcoast has requests for 20 more murals to be painted in San Jose del Cabo, East Cape and La Paz.


Many lovely stories to share from this experience, here are few: Women walking to work stopped to get information about the campaign; other folks took pictures next to the murals; John Thompson from Nine Palms in East Cape would not leave until he got a t-shirt from the campaign; a family walking by just started painting; many car stickers were placed those days; the buss drivers for taking employees to the hotels, cheered us on; the thank you letters that parents of students sent to their school for having the participation with Wildcoast; meeting students that had wanted to make a demonstration for Cabo Pulmo and didn’t know how; the man that named our mural “the wall of democracy” as he pointed to our icon of the campaign – mexican revolutionary Emiliano Zapata with his slogan of “Coast and Liberty”,


A multiplying effect of this part of the campaign is that City of Los Cabos – via its office of attention to youth (Direccion Municipal de Atencion a la Juventud) is now making murals to Save Cabo Pulmo (to see pictuures click here), and ironically two years ago the Los Cabos Mayor´s office facilitated the permit process for Cabo Cortes.


More than 50 volunteers worked from early in the morning into the late afternoon withstanding the incredible heat. We are in gratitude to the teachers, parents and great students artists of Colegio Libertadores de America, Secundaria Atenea, Students from Adventure Travel in University of Cabo San Lucas UABC-Campus Cabo San Lucas, Tavo Perez, Jacky Alaniz, Noe Cabrera, Fernando Nafarrete, Melanie Torres, Adrian Morales, Laura Celma, Mario Azpiroz, Decide A.C., Cabo Local, Alex Alvarez, Gibran Marquez Burgoin, Gruas Gustavo, Tulia Aida Martinez Garza, Gabriel Vargas, Edeer Gonzales, and University students from La Paz-UABCS-Campus La Paz.

The visual artist "Napenda Love" was a great part of this effort - Thank you Napenda!

Wildcoast will continue to supply spaces and events for the community to help Save Cabo Pulmo and cancel the permits of Cabo Cortes!

To see the album of pictures for the activities of making the murals, please click here.

Don’t forget to vote to Save Cabo Pulmo and cancel the permits of Cabo Cortes:

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