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December 03, 2010

WiLDCOAST Saves 20 miles on the Valle de los Cirios Pacific Coast

WiLDCOAST is protecting the most threatened and biodiverse areas on this isolated stretch of Pacific coastline in central Baja California

For generations to come, the Valle de los Cirios Pacific Coast will look the same as it has for centuries. Its public coastal access will remain unhindered and its wildlife will continue to thrive in the absence of degradation. Through WiLDCOAST’s private and public lands conservation initiatives, we have protected 20 miles of coastline and over 18,000 acres on the Cirios coast. Additionally, we are working closely with Mexico’s National Commission for Protected Natural Areas to conserve 100 miles of the region’s Federal Maritime Terrestrial Zone, or ZOFEMAT. The ZOFEMAT is the first 20 meters of shoreline in Mexico for which, even within a protected area such as the Valle de los Cirios, developers, municipalities and other entities can obtain concessions for development or mining purposes. Fortunately, CONANP can obtain jurisdiction over ZOFEMAT in Mexico’s protected areas and priority conservation sites. These complimentary strategies will effectively protect this wild coastline from the onslaught of destructive development that has ruined other areas of the peninsula.