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August 23, 2012

Art for conservation in Mag Bay, Puerto San Carlos

Expressing appreciation for natural wealth in the XI Marine Turtle Festival

Ten months ago, we started working with high school students from Puerto San Carlos in Magdalena Bay with a workshop that promoted their surrounding environment appreciation. We saw an opportunity to improve their community image by creating murals on some main streets and plaza with the message of feeling proud and appreciating the natural and cultural wealth present in this place.

We had 15 students participating in the project and four murals were finished which derived in an invitation to coordinate the painting of the main mural for the Gray Whale Festival in March 2012 by five of them.

The result was broadly liked by the local community so the Organization Committee for the Marine Turtle Festival invited this group of young artists again, to produce the stage mural in July. Xenia Lizárraga, Damián Mayoral, and Alexis Contreras worked hard under very hot sun heat for four days to tell with images the touching life story of marine turtles, from their nest-making and egg-laying to the migration to feeding sites and incidental or illegal fishing.


WiLDCOSAST also coordinated the mural making contest during the festival in which Miguel Meza, Carlos Contreras, Brandon, Damián, and Alexis participated by creating images to promote marine and coastal conservation.

Art has been an essential way of approaching young students in this community in order to increase their knowledge and appreciation of the surrounding natural beauty.  We are grateful with Young artists who show in their murals the importance of conserving marine and coastal ecosystems to locals, visitors and through electronic means.

The images of each of these murals will become the frame for a 2013 WiLDCOAST calendar in process. See gallery here!