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August 31, 2012

Developers Withdraw Environmental Assessment for New Project Near Cabo Pulmo

Photo Ralph L Hopkins

Mexico's Secretary of the Environment announced that the developers "Desarrollos la Rivera" withdrew from consideration the controversial development "Los Pericues" that was going to be built next to the National Marine Park of Cabo Pulmo. More than 22 NGO's opposed the development that included a marina and would have destroyed the coral reef and its vibrant ecosystem.

WiDCOAST fought for two years to stop development here that would have also harmed the local community that lives from ecotourism. "We are stoked and feel inspired to keep on protecting the coast and ocean," said Serge Dedina, WiLDCOAST Executive Director. 

National Geographic called Cabo Pulmo’s Marine Reserve "the most robust reserve of the planet." Philippe Cousteau just visited Cabo Pulmo last week and said, "Now I understand what my grandfather meant when he called this sea the aquarium of the world. This place is full of life, colorful fish, turtles, huge groupers. It's so gorgeous.”