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September 07, 2012

WiLDCOAST Protects Over 24,000 Acres and 27 Miles of Shoreline on Baja California’s Pacific Coast

Conserving Undisturbed Ecosystems, Wildlife and Access on the Valle de los Cirios Pacific Coast
The region's rocky point headlands provide habitat for a number of endangered, threatened and endemic marine and terrestrial species.

Since 2008, WiLDCOAST has been working to protect the Valle de los Cirios Pacific Coast on the Baja California Peninsula through direct land purchases and conservation easements.  To date, this effort has resulted in the conservation of 24,099 acres and 27.5 miles of coastline in the region. Protected areas include points, headlands, wetlands, dunes and other critical shoreline.

WiLDCOAST initiated the effort in response to the Nautical Ladder marina development project that targeted several points in the region. Although the project has since been cancelled, parcel subdivisions and lot sales continue to threaten the ecological integrity of the region. WILDCOAST’s goal is to conserve and maintain this region as one of North America’s few remaining coastal wild lands.