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October 12, 2012

Bahia Todos Santos May be the Next World Surfing Reserve

WiLDCOAST, Surf Ens and Save the Waves are Moving Forward with Mexico’s First World Surfing Reserve
WiLDCOAST's Zach Plopper enjoying the world class waves of Todos Santos Island. Photo: Katie Westfall

Bahia Todos Santos in Ensenada, Baja California is home to several of the most iconic surf spots in the Americas. San Miguel, the birth place of Mexican surfing, continues to be a cornerstone in the regional surfing community and attracts thousands of visitors throughout the year for its premium quality point break waves. Salsipuedes, although currently suffering access issues, offered many Californians their first experiences in surf travel with its hidden cove and olive grove camping. And Todos Santos Island is still recognized as one of the world’s most famous big wave spots as Aleutian born swells barrel across the North Pacific and detonate on its rocky shores.

But it is not just the surf that makes this coastline so special. Ensenada is home to a passionate surfing and coastal community that understands the importance of a clean and accessible coastal environment. While much of Baja Norte’s coastline has lost public access, beaches and surf spots, Ensenada largely retains its coastal heritage with a robust fishing economy, world famous seafood, accessible beaches and unhindered surf. After a trip to Todos Santos Island pop over to Muelle Tres (mere feet away from the dock) and experience the city’s thriving ocean culture.

These are the attributes that make Bahia Todos Santos so fitting to be Mexico’s first World Surfing Reserve. Following the likes of Malibu and Santa Cruz in California, Manly Beach, Australia and Ericeira, Portugal, this is the enshrinement that the city needs to launch it into the next generation of coastal conservation. The project will align with current conservation efforts in the region such as the Islands of the Pacific Biosphere Reserve, which will include the Todos Santos Island, and Pronatura’s efforts to establish a state park at the arroyo adjacent to San Miguel.

To learn more about Save the Waves' World Surfing Reserves, click here. And to voice your support for the Bahia Todos Santos World Surfing Reserve, visit Surf Ens’s World Surfing Reserve Facebook page, here.