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October 22, 2012

9th Dempsey Holder Surf Contest a Great Success!

By Khari Johnson

Nearly 150 surfers from San Diego and Baja California took to Imperial Beach waves Sunday to compete in the annual contest, now in its ninth year. 

The contest is named after Dempsey Holder, a former IB lifeguard and local surfer whose 16-foot statue stands at the end of Palm Avenue and Secoast Drive. The meeting room and its surf museum in the lifeguard station is also named after Holder.

Due to recent sand replenishment, competition shifted north of the Imperial Beach Pier. Waves were about 2-3 feet high.

"It was the best surf possible, given weather conditions," said Serge Dedina, executive director of WiLDCOAST.

About 500 people attended, organizers said.

For receiving the highest score of any man or woman competing, Candice Appleby was crowned the Queen of the Dempsey, a new tradition that began this year. Appleby also won 1st place in the Women ages 18-39 division and 2nd in Longboard and Stand-Up Paddle divisions.

Money raised at the contest goes toward WiLDCOAST's efforts to conserve and protect shoreline environment in South San Diego and Baja California.


Menehune Boys

Lance Mann
Peter Stewart
Cole Quinlan
Jack Stewart
Jack Outlaw
Emiliano Mendez


Menehune Girls

1st Lily Mann
2nd Shaylin Weygandt



1st Gavin Doan
2nd Tanner Ford
3rd Jack Stewart
4th Ben Outlaw
5th Vincent Claunch
6th Loukas Lopez


Jr. Men

1st Josh Johnson
2nd Jay Christensen
3rd Daniel Dedina
4th Sean Franks
5th Shane Landry


Jr. Women

1st Dani Rose Hill
2nd Daphne Mannhalter
3rd Aries Chavira
4th Zoey Curley
5th Paloma Lopez


Women (18-39)

1st Candice Appleby
2nd BreAnne Custodio
3rd Landy Spencer-Daly
4th Peachy Allredge
5th Michelle McDonald


Men (18-39)

1st Sean Fowler
2nd Jacob Szchely
3rd Joe Cowen
4th Ed Custodio
5th Chavo Nunez
6th Jay Christensen



1st Eric Seles
2nd Cameron Bartz
3rd Joshua Shaw
4th David Apodeca
5th Tanner Ford
6th Robert Tschakart



1st Sven Karlsson
2nd Candice Appleby
3rd Noah Bender
4th Terry Gillard
5th Darren Smith
6th Arthur Curtis


Stand-up Paddle

1st Anthony Vela
2nd Candice Applyby
3rd Arthur Curtis
4th Matt Bagby
5th Mark Field


Masters (40-49)

1st Michael Doan
2nd Craig Macia
3rd Terry Gillard
4th Matthew Lord
5th Mike Jackson


Masters (50+)

1st Tim Gillard
2nd Dave Lopez
3rd Jim Malabanan
4th Billy Huddleston



1st Brad Colwell
2nd Evan Odom
3rd Joseph Coyne
4th Jeffery Wallis
5th Fred Rodriguez
6th Alex Pina
7th Will Johnson