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October 26, 2012

New Statewide Poll on California Latino Voters’ Environmental Values

Fay Crevoshay

WE are proud to annunce that:

Nearly two-thirds of Latino voters (65 percent) believe conserving our fish and wildlife habitats is a serious concern—noticeably higher than other groups of voters in California.


In San Diego 82% of Latino Voters are interested in coastal and marine conservation -the highest in the state.


Latino voters overwhelmingly agree (90 percent) that we can “protect the environment and create jobs at the same time”, with 69 percent in strong agreement with that statement while only eight percent disagree and the remaining two percent are undecided.


Two-thirds of Latino voters (66 percent) consider themselves “conservationists”, with nearly three out of 10 (28 percent) strongly self-identifying as conservationists.


Toxic pollution (85 percent serious problem, 54 percent very serious problem), water pollution (80 percent serious problem, 43 percent very serious problem), and “pollution threatening your family’s health and well being” rate as the top environmental concerns among Latinos.


Approximately 14 million Latinos reside in California, making up 38% of the state’s total population and 32% of the state’s adult population. However, according to PPIC surveys they represent only 16% of those most likely to vote.

We thank the  California League of Conservation Voters Education Fund for releasing this important information.For more on the study go to: