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October 29, 2012

Enjoy your New “Underwater Parks” with our New Marine Recreational Brochures

Your guide to enjoying San Diego's new MPAs!
Marine Recreational Brochure

San Diego has one of the richest marine ecosystems in the world, and we want you to explore it! 

Whether you enjoy surfing, kayaking or wildlife viewing, San Diego’s new Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) are the perfect place to be! MPAs are special places in the ocean that are protected for their biological importance. They provide a safe haven for marine wildlife and recreational enjoyment to thousands of residents and visitors through out the year. 

Check out our new brochures on how to use and enjoy our newly established MPAs or “underwater parks” in San Diego. These brochures were created in collaboration with the California Department of Fish and Game. 

To download and view the brochures please click here, or pick up a brochure one of your local marine recreational shops. 

Special thanks to San Diego Coastkeeper and the National Geographic Society for providing the funding to create this brochure.